Product trade Ltd. was founded in 1996. year. Since October 2008, that company on the basis of full engagement capacity , leading to expansion of product range with the production of heaters solid fuel under its own brand name "Bella Thalia ." Creating a new imperative of long-term and successful business, because the company is very difficult to survive in the domestic market unless they have a brand that can be competitive. Bella Thalia for Trgo Produkt Ltd. from the beginning was that brand , we first build the domestic market , which is still without a doubt one of the top leaders . These results in the domestic market instigated us to the flavor and the European market , which is more demanding than ours. Bella Thalia as export products exported to the EU market and CEFTA members .

Commitment to this type of production stemmed from several reasons, some of which are the following:

1) increasing the energy crisis that is particularly felt in our region late last year and early this year (especially in September 2010 , when he came to a halt gas price increase )

2 ) increasing the cost of all forms of energy and especially gas , where the price at the end of last year jumped by 20 % , and an increase in electricity prices that would otherwise be at a high level and where the significant price increases are expected this year ,

3 ) the possibility of using different types of solid fuel , or the existence of an alternative to replace other fuels ...

The advantage of enterprise - Grocery Product Ltd. the competition is the range and quality of products, reasonable price products on the market and good organization of sales and distribution network and broad customer base , traditionally good relations with customers and suppliers.


Product trade Ltd. is one of the few companies in Serbia which was from the beginning had a clear vision and business strategy , a strategy that has been clearly defined but are constantly being scrutinized . Business strategy that every company that wants to grow needs to pay due attention stems from the vision and mission of the company and must be clearly defined , with the goals and objectives that are recognizable and enforceable . Achieves its goal ie, extension activities with radiators , solid fuel in 2008 , investiranjesm the reorganization and modernization of production in 2009 iskristalizovali a vision Grocery - Product Ltd. as one of the leaders in home heating values heaters , solid fuel in all the markets in which we operate.


TRGO PRODUKT Ltd. In recent years, profiled in leading private company in Serbia , with the clear objective of expanding the regional and European markets . In 2010, the domestic market are among the leaders in selling heaters , solid fuel , as well as the markets of Macedonia , Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina , and Croatia. All major exports to the countries of the European Union as ŽTO are Austria , Greece, the Czech Republic and Slovakia . Our goal is to create strong brands that consumers are willing to follow , not just pay.