Environmental awareness is now one of the most important features of human thus a positive attitude towards nature. In order to preserve this unique relationship between man and nature of our company since its first step aims to promote and improve human needs and the needs of our environment. In their efforts to preserve the environment and respects the international standards in the production and development of our products have reached the maximum efficiency and minimum energy so we developed the idea of using the production of fuels from nature but returned and , in a continuous cycle. In a word , the development of environmental awareness and high quality products are our strongest quality.

Bella Thalia wood stoves are characterized by multiple quality : unique design that is very economical for your home, minimal energy renewable energy and maximum gain and an affordable price . It is important to note that wood combustion to reduce pollution and emissions. The system that we have developed in order to fully meet the needs of customers and nadih and nature conservation rezultura improved efficiency , high savings and a number of performances. We have been developing this idea so that you can now meet the needs of preserving the ecosystem and at the same time create a warm atmosphere in your home without Brient pollution or heating costs . Wood stoves have always been popular and we are trying to preserve their effectiveness and relevance.

Bella Thalia company is guided by the idea that nature is our mother and we have to take into account that relates to it . Our products are closely related to the mission statement, we strive to be the day improve and discover new ways for efficient use and protection. Only in accordance with prirodm man able to enjoy it and respect its rules . We want to strengthen our inherent connection with nature.

Environment When a tree decomposes in nature it releases into the atmosphere a certain amount of CO2 (carbon dioxide) . However, this re- absorbed and used in the growth of new trees.


2.3 pounds of dry wood has a thermal power equivalent to 1 liter of fuel oil or one cubic meter of natural gas. All three fuels , giving you a similar output of heat, but wood is less expensive , costing 50-60 % less compared to the other two fuels.

The benefits of wood:
Optimal purchase price , optimal fuel prices , excellent features for heating, heat flow and rapid expansion, furnaces and stoves or wood pellets are easy to install